07 Oct 2015

SCARY savings throughout October!

Discount Specials Comments Off on SCARY savings throughout October!

Fall colors are coming and Halloween is just around the corner which can only mean one thing:

  • You’ll be hunkered down in your house waiting for the doorbell while eating the candy intended for the neighborhood kids.


  • It means that we’re finding ways to make your translation projects much less scary!!

We’ll go with second option on that!

Throughout the month of October, TranslationSmart is offering discounts in the form of New Client Discounts as well as Loyal Client Discounts. No coupon codes to clip, no funny surveys to fill out – just contact your TranslationSmart representative either here or via phone at 630.281.2488 to find out how much we can save you.

Not only are the prices competitive, but they don’t come with some of the scary things that other translation companies will throw at you! We don’t charge extra for desktop publishing, we don’t charge “project management fees”, and we always try to find ways to help our clients get the most for their translation dollar.

Contact Us for a Free Quotation today – you will NOT be disappointed!

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