Translation Services

translation_pic1The core of our offerings is our translation services. Initially, we began as a technical translation firm. Over the last decade, we have expanded greatly to include marketing/promotional translations as well as legal/medical/and generalized text.  TranslationSmart is one of the leading translation firms in the country offering competitive pricing, professional staff, guaranteed results, and highly qualified
translators. We work in any language pair, any desktop publishing package, and under any time frame to help you realize the benefits of globalizing your documentation.

Technical Translation Services
Often times, the complexity of a text will overcome even the most qualified of translators. Terminology changes on a daily basis and you need highly skilled and dedicated translators to undertake these more difficult texts. Our translators have translated documentation for heavy machinery, finance, legal, packaging machinery, software, security systems, home products, automotive engineering, and much more. Each translator is handpicked for an assignment based upon their level of expertise as well our working experience with them. It’s not uncommon that we find a translator who is not only conversant in your field, but often carries doctorate level or higher certification which provides the kind of deep understanding that other firms cannot accomplish.