Interpretation Services

interppic1TranslationSmart, Inc. seeks to fulfill the very definition of the word interpretation – –Accurate rendition of words and meanings from one language into another’. We specialize in both simultaneous and consecutive interpretation services.

  • Consecutive Interpretation is where the interpreter translates immediately following the speaker. This is the most common method of interpretation provided
  • Simultaneous Interpretation is when the interpreter translates simultaneously with the speaker usually by using a headset and microphone setup.

TranslationSmart, Inc. deals in all aspects of global language communication, including protocol and intercultural skills. Having our expert interpreters on your team eliminates distraction based on cultural differences and sets the stage for successful business dealings.

We are experienced in all aspects of interpretation, in all major languages. Our interpreters have performed services for clients ranging from businesses looking to tap into the international marketplace to state and federal entities in judicial settings. As we see it, no matter how large or small the interpretation need, we treat each and every assignment as if it is our top priority. An accurate language interpretation is necessary for success and can often spell the difference between a closed door or a closed deal.