Desktop Publishing / Technical Authorship

As a result of our years of experience working directly with tech writers, engineers, and other technical personnel, we have firsthand knowledge of proper (and safe) tech writing.

Tech Writing is much more than just putting the information to the page – it’s all about capturing the right information for the audience, then presenting it in a format that best suits their needs.  Proper and effective technical writing leads to documentation that increases customer satisfaction, reduces liability, and reduces overhead from post-sale support.

TranslationSmart can deliver it all whether you need a user guide, help system or complete set of documentation.  We have worked with a variety of content, so can satisfy any technical writing need.   Some examples include:

 ♦ User Guides  ♦ Online Help Systems
 ♦ Quick Start Guides  ♦ XML/DITA and Single Sourcing
 ♦ Configuration Manuals  ♦ Release Notes
 ♦ Reference Manuals  ♦ Read Me Files
 ♦ Installation Manuals  ♦ Data Sheets

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