Marketing Consultancy and Design

marketing_pictureWhen making the move from one language to another, the feeling and connotation intended gets lost in translation. Think of some of the most memorable tag lines you’ve heard here in the US and then think of the real image that is portrayed to a demographic segment that may not understand our slang terms, word plays, and other common marketing tools.

With creative contacts all over the world, TranslationSmart, Inc. can provide translation and marketing services that maintain the integrity of your brand while still maintaining the effectiveness and desired message. Our advertising and marketing specialists are always ‘mother tongue’ translators who possess an extensive amount of marketing and advertising experience in their native countries. Many of our top advertising and marketing translation professionals own and/or are employed by leading international firms as copy writers, copy editors, and creative professionals.

Our internal abilities, coupled with the relationships we have developed with professionals around the globe allows us to create innovative and targeted marketing campaigns at very competitive pricing. Whether you’re looking to target locally or globally, we have the resources to make it happen for you!