Photography/Print Production/Media Creation

TranslationSmart has complete production capabilities from 80-megapixel medium format to print production and DVD/Video creation (and all points in between!)

The employees of TranslationSmart are very different from other translation firms – instead of hiring individuals who have ‘decent’ computer, authorship, publishing, or language skills, we have made it a corporate practice to hire individuals who have the same real-world experience as many of our clients. What good is putting documentation written by an experienced tech writer in the hands of someone who doesn’t know AutoCAD from Automotive? What’s the point of putting a well designed website for translation in the hands of someone who has never written code? It’s this unique mix of individuals which truly allows us to be a “one stop shop” for all of your business needs.

– Photography/Video Servicesphotosvcs

  • Canon, Mimaya, and Hasselblad imaging equipment from crop sensor to full frame and medium format (up to 80mp)
  • Complete lighting and background setups
  • Timelapse, time ‘freeze’, and high speed photography/video services available

– Print Production

  • Print design (multi or single-language) for items as small as 1″x1″ and as large as billboards, rooftops, and more.
  • Brochures, Identity packages, logo design, and more
  • Our team of graphic artists comes from a print background and has the knowledge to help your project be both attention grabbing and budget conscious

– Media Creation


  • DVD Compilation/Editing
  • DVD Menu Creation (single or multiple languages/regions)
  • Final color corrections and preparation for duplication
  • Video editing capabilities
  • Subtitling/Dubbing Services